skin tag, is a small tag of skin which may have a peduncle (stalk) - they look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin. Skin tags are harmless growths that can vary in number from one to hundreds. Males and females are equally prone to developing skin tags. 
Skin tags typically occur in characteristic locations, including the
  • base of the neck,
  • underarms,
  • eyelids,
  • groin folds,
  • buttock folds,
  • under the breasts.
  •  Electro cauterization is
  1. Quick fix method. A normal skin tags treatment takes around 20 minutes. So you are tag free within 20 minutes.
  2. Less Expensive. It has been found that electro-cauterization is less expensive as compared to other surgical methods such as cryosurgery and laser therapy.
  3. One session is usually enough. In case of cryosurgery and laser therapy you may need to pay several visits to the clinic.
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